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We’re a vibrant

Consulting and Advisory

company based in Toronto, ON

We provide high value solutions to businesses in the areas of technology, marketing and growth strategy.

FourOneSix Inc, a small, vibrant consulting and advisory company that excels in providing high value solutions to businesses in the areas of technology, marketing and growth strategy.

FourOneSix Inc. was founded by successful entrepreneur and CEO Steve Loutskou who sought to bring his network of experts under one umbrella.

Our consultants understand that growth derives from an organization’s ability to move into new markets, utilize the most current technology, employ effective current marketing techniques, and develop new product lines.

From their years of experience and expertise, our team can create a strategic plan that enables your company to take advantage of existing opportunities, or even show you opportunities that you never imagine existed.

At FourOneSix Inc. we understand that as technology changes, so will your needs. We will design a plan that grows with your company and integrates the latest technology so that you remain relevant as your needs evolve. Our approach ensures a high ROI on your hard-earned advertising dollars.

What we do

Building an effective strategy for growth is one of the most challenging obstacles any organization faces. Your business is unique. You need a unique plan that complements your business, not a one-size-fits all template.

FourOneSix is comprised of a core group of consultants – all experts in their fields of technology, design, marketing, communications and financial management with decades of experience and accomplishments. We then collaborate as necessary with our extensive network of consultants to ensure we always have the optimal team assembled.

Our teams are up to date with the latest technologies and media trends.  We know what works now — not 10 years, 5 years or even a year ago. Whatever the level of support is required, FourOneSix will create a package that ensures your needs are met.

  • Technology
  • Corporate Design and Identity
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Real Estate Investment Consulting
  • Corporate Brand Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website, App and Software Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

Each FourOneSix project is broken down into 4 stages.

1. Initial Consultation

2. Strategy Plan
Draft and Review

3. Plan Execution

4. Delivery & Review


All aspects of your company are considered – from financial statements to past marketing campaigns to the composition of Boards and executive staff. We will discuss not only the goals of the company and the challenges you are currently facing, but also learn about where your best opportunities for growth exist.

No idea is great without a plan. After our initial research we devise an effective and strategic action plan that fully supports your company’s desired growth outcome.

We analyze industry trends, market shifts, current and emerging opportunities/challenges and current legislation to formulate a specialized plan to meet your corporate growth goals.

The Strategic Plan includes time frames, execution layouts, key deliverables, success metrics, and a calculation of estimated ROI

Once the Strategic Plan is approved, our team goes into action. Our consultants work together, sharing their vast array of experience and expertise. Throughout the project our consultants meet and communicate with your corporate team to ensure that every aspect of the plan is executed according to expectation.

Upon completion, FourOneSix will provide a detailed review and analysis of the project. Evaluation metrics will be used to assess the success of the project from a statistical and financial standpoint to ensure your ROI.

Whatever the level of support is required, FourOneSix will create a package that ensures your needs are met.


FourOneSix is comprised of a core group of consultants, both in the public and private sector. Not all consultants are listed online.

Steve Loutskou

Founder & CEO of FourOneSix Inc.

Steve’s entrepreneurial path started at the young age of 12, when his first small business gave him the taste of success that came from hard work and determination. By the age of 18, he sold his first successful business -- an import/export party supply business that involved several employees, a sales office and a retail outlet. With determination, vision and desire for success, Steve is now a seasoned professional and entrepreneur with extraordinary experience at all levels of business.

With an exceptional track record, Steve has founded several successful companies, many of which have been acquired by international investors. With a passion for digital media and branding, Steve founded RAG in 2004, a leading small business name for web services in Toronto. Within four years, Steve had created global brands which were acquired by international competition and investors.

In addition to FourOneSix Inc., Steve is the CEO and Founder of Ridge Park, a real estate brand which has flourished into a successful boutique real estate investment firm. Ridge Park now boasts an impressive portfolio of holdings in some of Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, and a yearly growth rate of 100% since its inception in 2010.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Steve’s success is derived from his innate ability and foresight to recognize the emergence of significant market opportunities at the beginning of their business cycle, pair that with exceptional branding, marketing and technological strategy, and then execute plans that set companies on their path to optimal growth.

The creation of FourOneSix Inc. was a natural progression for Steve as it encompasses a lifetime of skills and accomplishments under one umbrella. After years of success on his own, he is now able to provide his skillset to other companies to help them grow and succeed.

When not working, Steve could have been spotted in fascinating corners of the world sampling the most interesting food and wine, but today he is more likely found at home in Toronto spending time with his wife and infant daughter.


Marketing Consultant

Marianne advises clients on our marketing programs, ensuring effective access to the marketplace and increasing our brand awareness across a variety of social media.

With extensive marketing experience with numerous leading retailers, Marianne brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to FourOneSix.


Advisor – BSc, BEd, MEd

Organizational communication effectiveness is a key deliverable commodity in various industries, one that is growing in importance as the marketplace shifts to more instant communication and adoption of social media platforms as a primary communication space.

Tom, BSc, BEd, MEd, provides consulting services to ensure that organizational communication protocols align with the best practices available in the marketplace.



As with any growth oriented enterprise, FourOneSix endeavors to have the best consultants / advisors on board. With a background in international expansion and mergers/acquisitions, paired with expertise with many start up growth-oriented companies, Nick brings the right mix of business dedication and a track record of success to our board.